Getting Started With Redux Framework

Hi I’m going to start a full tutorial about WordPress Redux Framework step by step.

Today in this tutorial I’m starting from the beginning. I’ll show how to use redux framework not as a plugin. I’ll show the custom use of Redux framework. Now lets start.

Firstly download the redux fraemwork zip file from or github. Then extract it in your theme folder and you can rename it as you want. Then go into the framework folder and see there are some folders and files. go to the “ReduxCore” folder then see there is a file named “framework.php” and go to the sample folder and see there is a file named “sample-config.php”. These tow files are editable to you. And we will do everything in the file sample-config.php. Now go to your themes “functions.php” and make require these files like this,


For now your job is done. Now go to your Dashboard and see there is a menu item named Sample Options. Here you will get all options. For today the tutorial is done. I’ll approach from the next tutorials. Thank you for reading

Keep learning

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